Sports Injury Chiropractor

Alleviate Pain From Sports Injuries

Whether you are a professional or a weekend warrior, if you play hard, you can easily end up with minor or major aches and pains. You can take an anti-inflammatory pill, but that will typically provide only temporary relief. To minimize the discomfort that can come from strenuous athletic activity, treatment from a Dallas chiropractor offers many advantages.

At Chiropractic Healthcare Center, with offices in 8 convenient locations throughout the Dallas-Fort Worth Metroplex, we work extensively with people who experience any type of discomfort following participation in a sporting event. We can help you recover from sports-related trauma, including injury to joints, ligaments, tendons and muscles. With serious injuries, such as rotator cuff or ACL tears, we will focus first on pain relief, and then prepare and implement a rehabilitation plan.

Chiropractic Care for Sports Injuries

The Effectiveness Of Chiropractic Treatment For A Sports Injury

We also help amateur and professional athletes take proactive steps to minimize the risk of pain and injury. We employ a wide array of tools, from spinal cord manipulation to gentle, but deep, massage to alleviate existing pain. Our team of chiropractors in Dallas-Fort Worth will work with you to identify ways that you can improve nutrition and diet, and will teach you exercises that will minimize your risk of injury.


We provide treatment to people who have suffered almost any type of sports-related injury, from tennis elbow to tendonitis, from back spasms to sprains or strains. Our skilled team of local chiropractors will look beyond your symptoms to find the underlying cause of your discomfort. We also know a wide range of highly competent medical professionals, and can refer you to a specialist, should you require treatment we can’t provide.

We accept most types of insurance, so you can meet with us and start treatment immediately.


You don’t have to suffer. Contact us or call our office at 214-600-3221 to schedule your first treatment. We maintain flexible office hours, and can be available after traditional business hours, if necessary. We understand your work week may be hectic so if you need a Dallas chiropractor on a Saturday appointments are available upon request.

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