Joint Problems

Chiropractic Treatment For Joint Problems

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When you are experiencing pain or discomfort in a body joint, you can find it difficult to do just about anything. It can be painful to sit, stand, walk or even lie down. But the worst thing you can do is just treat the symptom and not identify the underlying cause. Without getting to the root of your problem, it will typically just keep coming back.

At Chiropractic Healthcare Center, with offices in five convenient locations throughout the Dallas-Fort Worth Metroplex, we take a comprehensive, “whole body” approach to your health. We will use our experience, knowledge and skills to seek to immediately alleviate your pain. But we don’t treat symptoms, we search for ways to resolve your health problems once and for all. We’ll typically start with a physical examination, but our staff will also look at other factors that may be affecting your health, from the level of stress you face at work and at home to how you are meeting your nutritional needs, from the amount of exercise you get to how your home and office are laid out. In addition to treating your existing pain, we’ll put together a program to help you move toward optimal health, so that you minimize the risk of injury or health problems in the future.

We know that joint disorders can be excruciatingly painful, and we strive at all times to provide gentle and soothing treatment. We can help you address almost any type of injury or discomfort, but also have an extensive network of professionals to whom we can refer you, if we can’t provide the services you need.

We treat joint disorders or discomfort stemming from any source, including:

  • Trauma — A major cause of joint injury is trauma—an accident of some sort. If you have been in a car crash, or slipped of a wet floor, you can experience injury to connective tissue in your joints, as well as inflammation caused by nerve damage
  • Repetitive stress / motion injury — Essentially a series of minor traumatic injuries, repetitive stress/motion has a cumulative effect
  • Dietary / chemical — The food you eat can cause serious joint and circulatory problems, particularly if you consume things that cause water retention or inflammation.
  • Stress or mental challenges — Stress and anxiety typically lead to tension, and tension can result in neck, back or other joint pain


For a thorough analysis of your health concerns, call our office at 214-821-1200 or contact us online. Evening and Saturday appointments are available upon request. We can arrange for transportation to bring you to our offices, if necessary.