Diagnostic Tools

X-Rays | MRI Technology | CT Scans

When you are in physical pain, for whatever reason, you want to do more than take an anti-inflammatory or painkiller. You want to get to the root of your ailment. To do that, though, you need the right diagnostic tools.

At Chiropractic Healthcare Center, we are committed to providing our patients with the most up-to-date, effective tools for properly diagnosing a physical problem. We take a “whole body” approach tochiropractic care, looking past mere symptoms to identify underlying factors that are causing your discomfort. We use gentle healing techniques designed to quickly address your pain without making the situation worse.

Though we will work hard to alleviate your suffering, we won’t simply stop once your pain is under control. We will put together an exercise program to increase your strength, stamina and health, and will also review your diet to determine if there are changes you can make that will optimize your health. Our staff can also conduct an ergonomic assessment of your work and home environment to see if you can make other changes to reduce the risk of injury.

Diagnostic Tools, Free Consultation


Though not a new tool, x-ray technology continues to be highly effective in diagnosing many physical maladies. We have the capability of quickly and accurately diagnosing many conditions through the use of high-definition x-rays. We also know how to use x-ray technology in ways that don’t pose unreasonable health risks to our patients.


MRI, or magnetic resonance imaging technology, uses radio waves and a magnetic field to produce highly detailed pictures of organs, tissue and other body parts. MRIs are taken in large, tube-shaped magnets, and can be used to locate trauma that may not be visible on the surface, or diagnosable by touch.


A CT scan is a form of x-ray that provides cross-sectional images of a part of the body. The CT scan usually takes a number of x-ray images and combines them into a three dimensional view of an organ or part of the body.


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