Our Practice

Overview Of Our Chiropractic Services

At Chiropractic Healthcare Center, we are a Dallas Chiropractor team dedicated to helping our patients become free of pain and illness in the Dallas-Fort Worth metroplex. We take a “whole body” approach, looking beyond your symptoms to determine the underlying causes of your injury and pain. Though we will take swift measures to alleviate your current suffering, we will also work with you to optimize your overall health, so that you minimize the risk of injury in the future. In addition to treating your immediate discomfort, we will:

  • Help you implement an exercise regimen that reduces risk of future injury
  • Work with you to make dietary changes that will improve your physical and emotional well-being


We offer a broad range of chiropractic services to our patients, including:

Because of our extensive diagnostic experience, we can often quickly determine what’s wrong with you, even if you have no idea how you got hurt.

We will work closely with your attorney to maximize your chances of recovery after a personal injury, and we are happy to be your liaison with any insurance provider.


Call our Dallas chiropractor headquarters at 214-643-8188 or contact us online to arrange a visit and FREE consultation at one of our 8 locations across Dallas-Fort Worth. Appointments are available during week days, evenings, and Saturdays. We will also provide transportation to our offices, if necessary.